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DJDC began unofficially spinning in his early teens where he would secretly scratch on his mothers Sony Stereo (sorry mom). The DJ education came in grade 12. During a summer school set DC was paired in class with DJ RockDaHouse. The friendship led to after-school hangouts and DJ'ing lessons for DC who was affectionately nicknamed by RockDaHouse (DJ Fungus Toes). With a natural talent to synchronization, and Set contruction, the few lessons ignited the DJ desire that led to a mix tape in just a matter of months. Under the name DJ Powa (that's Poh-Wah, if your not Jamaican), DC was brought into the fold of the Roots Royalty Crew with Saj and Grindsly as their HipHop Shotta. The Crew played parties throughout the GTA including the former Taj Mahal, and Spectrum. Stints following went on to include, Club Focus, BassMent and the first appearance by King Just in Toronto. Associations grew to include DJ Alize, DJ X, DJ Clymaxxx, Baba Khan, Mister Black, MegaHertz (formerly CPG), DJ Smartiez, DJ PrimeTime, Last Boyscout, SikAA Crew, DJ Cube, Jason Chambers, Jason Palmer, DJ Flash and the ATB Life, School, and eventually Work, forced a hiatus from the DJ industry in 1995. Oddly enough it would be school and life that would allow for the re-entry into the DJ chase. While attending DeVry's Computer Information System diploma program in early 2004, DC inherited a couple crates of vinyl from a close friend (DJ Tekneeks) who was leaving Canada to pursue a career south of the border. With time in between studies, the quest was on to re-awaken the skills. DC practiced as often as possible for a full year without letting a single person hear a single mix. Nothing was getting out to the public unless it was of quality standard. The practice led to the opportunity to DJ a set at the last DeVry Ontario graduation party alongside MegaHertz Soundcrew. A decent effort was put forth that created a demand for mix releases. The vinyl skills were rebounding from the layoff. But the industry and shifted from vinyl to cd and now to MP3. After being encouraged to try Mixvibes and Virtual DJ by a fellow IT classmen, at digital DJ'ing love affair began A career move to Waterloo led to creation of the first incarnation of the "Lab". The DJ Powa moniker had long since been outgrown, and a call went out for assistance with a new title. When the name Don Corleone the GodFather was thrown on the table by a friend, DJ DC was born (DC used instead, given the saturation of DJ Don Corleone's in the industry). A chance conversation with a co-worker revealed that person to be Legendary KW DJ B Mellow, host of one of the longest running radio shows in the country, The Wax Jungle. The Wax Jungle had seen the likes of DJ Nana, DJ Flash, Pangea Delphi, Raph Kanai, amongst others get their On air DJ feet wet and the move on the climb the ranks of industry DJ's. In 2007 the Wax Jungle had been on the air more than 15 years as the Urban Mix Show that could, winning the Sonic Boom award that year. Taking the air for the first time on a whim from B Mellow using a crate of records found in his trunk slated for disposal and donation, DC went on to drop a set of gems buried within the crates that changed B Mellow's mind about the crates fate. When the vinyl made it's way down from Toronto, it was over, the new Dynamic Duo had been formed, the Superman and Batman of Waterloo Region Radio. Associations with the station led to DC appearing at almost every major venue in the KW area including the Historic Grad House, and a Choclair Concert alongside Jen Militia and Keelo Gramz. Highlights include opportunity to spin at DJ Carmello's "Back To Basics" ft "The Lyricists" alongside DJ Red Rocks which included a building shaking set paying tribute to Detroit hiphop (Jay Dilla, Slum Village, Guilty Simpson, etc). A relocation back to Toronto led to a virtual removal from the KW event scene and a reduction in frequency of appearances on the Wax Jungle show. 2008 saw a collaboration with Wide World Records and their premier Artist "Rosco" and the release of Check Dig Series Presents DJDC and B Mellow Rated R Radio Hosted by Rosco mix cd across North America and Online. Recent events include production credit for work with "The Fight Network". In a career still building, DJ DC remains one of the most diverse, creative and innovative DJ's in the business notorious for creating live Mash Ups and Remixes where other DJ's must rely on studio production. Combining HipHop with Rock, Rock with RnB, RnB with Soca, Soca with Funk in seamless transitions. One of the only DJ's who can drop a set of any music in front of him, anytime, anywhere, whether he knows it or not, knows the equipment or not, and still do it with competitive skill. Forever taking chances where other DJ's fear to tread... "I'd rather fail while trying, than avoid trying for fear of failure"