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Christian Shingiro is a musician from the KW region that was born in Rwanda and has been active in radical politics for five years. He was raised as a musician and taught classically by his father, Ignace Ryangoma, a Berklee College of Music alumni. He has an appreciation for the versatility and beauty of the guitar, and is aware of the role that the guitar has played in social movements around the world. He is out to show the world, in quoting Communist Party of Kenya's political candidate, that it's time to "think outside of the box" when it comes to politics, and that politics and guitar do indeed mix!

Daniel xie, Associate editor of The Canada Files, will be joining us!

We’re pleased to have Daniel Xie, associate editor of The Canada Files, proud member of the Communist Party of Canada, and member of the CJTO join us on September 11th! Daniel would like to remind everyone that there is a fundraising drive for The Canada Files! Please donate if you can do so here:

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The Socially Radical Guitarist

show logoThe Socially Radical Guitarist will inform the public on political history, community led social movements, new and emerging music in the community and around the world, and will provide a radical political perspective. The program is sponsored by The African and Caribbean Inclusion Centre: A major fundraiser is being held to provide comprehensive services to newcomers. Every bit helps. Please support this major initiative launched by the African and Caribbean Inclusion Centre:

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