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On the March 31st 2017, edition of AW@L Radio, we kick things off with a run down of the situation at Ryerson university, where the school’s president shamefully apologized to the mayor of Niagara Falls after students in the journalism program produced a short film entitled As Niagara Falls, which introduced some of the problems in the city around economic development and poverty. We read from the article on from Ismael N Daro (…) and play the short video. The group who made the video, Mayday Pictures said the film has succeeded in sparking a much-needed conversation.

Next we go to an article from Ben Leeson from The Sudbury Star, (…) who had the unfortunate job of relaying the news that long time activist and academic Barbara Ronson McNichol was killed after being stuck by a train. Barbara Ronson McNichol, 60, had been working to keep logging and spraying from in the Benny forest. Rest in Power Barbara!

We play a piano version of Byron’s Breaks My Heart.

We return with an update on #JusticeForAbdiraman, specifically that the Ottawa police have created blue and black bracelets to wear in support of killer cop Daniel Montsion ( We look at this disgusting campaign through the tweets of @DesmondCole who notes it is not worth looking for good cops in this badness, and that the politicians are cowering in bitterness and fear instead of confronting the issue.

Dan has a quick note to remind everyone that Marc Emery is horrible.

We read from an article from the Waterloo Chronicle outlining the racist anti-muslim backlash at the proposal to use a house in Waterloo as a Muslim prayer centre. (…)

Next up is an note about the potential transit strike in Waterloo Region which was averted at the last minute. The workers were demanding better working conditions and the end of totalitarian management schemes. Waterloo Region always has money to boost the police budget, but alway struggle to find it other places.

And finally, we end the show on a note from activist and journalist Garth Mullins (@garthmullins) who tweeted regarding the ongoing #opiodcrisis in #Vancouver. Garth shared that his friend was one of 162 overdoses in a week in Vancouver, and was thankfully saved by the administration of Naxalone.




From:: Grand River Community News

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