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CKMS News – 2021-04-28 – An interview with 1492 Land Back Lane spokesperson Skyler Williams

Host: dan kellar

In July 2020, while the community was managing the COVID19 pandemic, including erecting checkpoints to keep non-residents from their reserve lands, some Indigenous folks from Six Nations of the Grand River also took action against continued land theft by housing developers and the nearby town of Caledonia by setting up the 1492 LandBack Lane reclamation camp.

Through court injunctions, lawsuits, a police raid, police intimidation, police violence, 17 million dollars in police spending, and being demonized by settler governments including Haldimand mayor Ken Hewitt and Ontario premier Doug Ford, the land reclamation action has continued and the LandBack movement has grown.

On April 20th 2021 members of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs council, alongside spokesperson Skyler Williams announced the “Protect The Tract” initiative, declaring a moratorium on development in the Haldimand Tract and a need for real consultation with the community before any projects move forward.

This episode features an interview with Skyler Williams, the spokesperson for the 1492 LandBackLane land reclamation camp on Haudenosaunee territory at Six Nations in south-west Ontario.

To stay updated on the activities at the camp, check out @1492LBL on twitter and 1492LandBackLane on facebook. For more on the development moratorium and the history of land struggle at Six Nations, visit

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AW@L Radio – 2020-07-03-Cheyanne Thorpe – Sir JAM Statue Protest in Baden

Listen to interview:

This is a short interview with Cheyanne Thorpe, an Indigenous woman and resident of Waterloo Region, who has been organising protests and public pressure against the placement of the Sir John A MacDonald statue in a public park in Baden Ontario. The statue, part of the “prime ministers walk” project was located in Baden with little support, after residents in Kitchener and Waterloo rejected the idea that the project be built in their cities.

In recent weeks, Cheyanne has organised sit-in protests at the statue and has spoken to town council about the negative impacts of displaying statues which honour unapologetically racist and genocidal leaders like MacDonald (the first prime minister of canada and one who led genocidal projects in an effort to eliminate Indigenous peoples, nations, and cultures). With public support for the statue removal growing, Cheyanne has vowed to continue the protests until the statue is removed and the rest of the project cancelled.

The protests against the statue has also brought out local racists and white-nationalists who have tried to intimidate protest attendees and have posted confederate and nazi imagery in the area. In addition to an old man who started to attack protest participants (before being restrained) and a small group of local teens who have participated in the intimidation attempts, known white nationalist gang “the urban infidels” have also been involved in the confrontations and intimidation. Led by the man who violently attacked Pride events in Hamilton in 2019, chris vanderweide, the infidels also had ben mills, leigh stewart, and rijah martin.

This interview took place June 27th as the sit-in was wrapping up for the day.

More information about the group organising to remove the statue:

The petition to have the statue removed and the larger project cancelled.

This interview first aired on AW@L Radio on July 3rd 2020. for more AW@L Radio check:

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AW@L Radio – 2019-06-21 – Oshkimaadziig camp and the National Indigenous Peoples Day blockade of Awenda Park.

listen here: MP3 – AW@L Radio – 2019-06-21 – Oshkimaadziig camp and the National Indigenous Peoples Day blockade of Awenda Park.

“Why Should we have to purchase back our stolen land with compensation that is our money anyways?” – John Hawke

In this episode we speak with John Hawke, and Indigenous man from the Beausoleil First Nation and long time activist, who on June 21st, 2019 – a day the Canadian state has proclaimed to be National Indigenous Peoples day – set up a blockade outside the entrance to Awenda provincial park as part of campaign to raise awareness for Indigenous rights and particularly land claims, treaty responsibilities, and the federal policies of extinguishing Indigenous title.

John invites people to visit the blockade and the Oshkimaadziig camp and organize resistance to colonial policies.

You can support the camp by donating donate for camp maintenance and supplies (ex.  chainsaw needs repair, camp cabin needs maintenance) – Send e-transfer

For more information visit:

Go on facebook – Oshkimaadziig Camp-,  June 21 Resistance day of action:

John Hawke on facebook:


To get to: Awenda provincial park – 670 Awenda Park Rd – Tiny, Ontario. Google Maps: North of Toronto.


Also a few seconds of byron’s “Here’s to the land” as we connected the call for the interview.

AW@L Radio – 2019-03-01 – A Toronto winter with unreliable heat, power, and water in Timbercreek owned apartments

An interview with Louisa, a person working to support residents of  103-105 West Lodge Ave in Toronto as they have faced intermittent heat, power, and water service in their apartments from at least February 2019. The two high rise apartment buildings were recently bought by the multinational asset management firm Timbercreek who have focused on evicting residents through the landlord tribunal while letting the buildings fall further into disrepair.


Listen to the podcast here: AW@L Radio – 2019-03-01 – A Toronto winter with unreliable heat, power, and water in Timbercreek owned apartments

In the interview we hear about frozen sewage filled pipes bursting and leaking through ceilings and walls, people stuck in unreliable elevators as power fluctuates, food spoiling in inconsistently powered fridges, and long walks up dark stairways with bottles of water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.  Through all the issues, Timbercreek is not compensating people for their losses, while the ignore much-needed repair work and shamelessly continue to evict residents.

Louisa notes you can call the Timbercreek office in charge of rentals (647-951-5498) and demand fair treatment and fair compensation for existing tenants, ending eviction actions against tenants, and immediate repairs to the building.


Background information about the resistance in Toronto’s West Lodge towers:


Timbercreek has a history of similar behaviour through Canada and around the world. Check out this in-depth article “The battle for Heron Gate”, which looks into Timbercreek and their assault on the Heron Gate neighbourhood and community in Ottawa.


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AW@L Radio – 2019-03-01 – Pop-Up Overdose Prevention In KW

Focusing on the ongoing war on drugs and the resultant public health emergency, this episode opens with the trailer for the new podcast “Crackdown” which features “Drug user activists covering the drug war as war correspondents”, and continues with an interview with organisers of a “Pop-Up Overdose Prevention Site” in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Listen here: AW@L Radio – 2019-03-01 – Pop-Up Overdose Prevention In KW

Focusing on the ongoing war on drugs and the resultant public health emergency, this episode opens with the trailer for the new podcast “Crackdown” from Vancouver based host and producer Garth Mullins which features “Drug user activists covering the drug war as war correspondents”. This monthly podcast is “about drugs, drug policy and the drug war led by drug user activists and supported by research”.

Shifting from the west coast to Waterloo region, the show continues with an interview with Kyle Wall and Julian Ichim, 2 organisers of a pop-up overdose prevention site campaign in Kitchener-Waterloo. This new campaign is has two main goals. The first is to prevent deaths of drug users by creating a place where they may more safely consume drugs. Many of the deaths triggered by fentanyl and other opioids would be avoided if the drugs were taken in a setting where someone else was present to administer naloxone and emergency breathing if needed. The second goal is to put pressure on the government in the Region Waterloo to take action to open the much needed supervised injection and consumption sites that have faced long delays in their approval and funding.


On February 28th 2019 at 5pm, members of the “Alan Ryan People’s Community Defense Brigade” organised a gathering in downtown Kitchener and marched to the Region of Waterloo headquarters to set up the first pop-up overdose prevention site in a new campaign to prevent deaths of people who use drugs, and to put pressure on the regional council who have been dragging their feet on establishing much-needed supervised consumption and injection sites.

At least 10 people died in the region in January alone from opioid overdoses, with February death toll similarly high, with at least 2 additional deaths in the final days of the month.

The group set up a tent and stocked it with necessary supplies, like clean needles, water, blankets, disposal bins, and most importantly, naloxone kits, which when administered to someone experiencing opioid induced respiratory depression, can help stabilise their breathing.  After several hours, the group packed up for the eve, announcing that they will be setting up this operation daily in different spots around the downtown until official supervised sites are established.

Today we are joined by organisers Julian Ichim and Kyle Wall To talk about the grassroots overdose prevention site campaign and the larger public health emergency brought forward by the manufactured opioid crisis.

The show closes with the song “Mutiny in Heaven” by The Birthday Party.

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AW@L Radio – 2018-11-23 – Support CUPW, Support the Workers, Reject Neoliberalism!

Practicing their neoliberal ideology, the federal liberal government of Justin Trudeau introduced legislation to end the postal worker strike, as Doug Ford’s conservatives also attacked workers rights with bill 47 in Ontario. Also, who will stop police budgets?

listen here:

Delivering Community Power!

From: Grand River Community News

AW@L Radio – 2018-09-21 – Callout to counter PEGIDA on Oct13 and Know Your Fashy Symbols!

A callout to counter the PEGIDA demo in London on October 13th, a mention of an article “regarding lindsay shepherd”, and a new visual guide to alt-right and fascist symbols.

Listen to the podcast here:

From:: Grand River Community News

AW@L Radio – 2018-09-07 – Undercover Outed in Hamilton, #PrisonStrike2018, and Why environmental justice activists should fight fascists.

An infiltrator is outed in the Hamilton activist scene and environmental justice organisers are urged to join and expand the fight against fascists forces at home and abroad. Also some #PrisonStrike and #PrisonRadio audio.

From:: Grand River Community News

Listen to the podcast here: AW@L Radio – 2018-09-07

Smash Fascism!
Smash Fascism!

AW@L Radio 2018-06-01 – Conservative Corruption, and Harm Reduction Voting (for the NDP)

with a provincial election in ontario on june 7th, this AW@L Radio highlights the corruption, bigotry, ignorance, and malice represented in the candidates for the conservative party. AW@L Radio, dan kellar, also advocates for voting for the NDP as a harm reduction measure, to keep the dangerous policies of the conservatives and liberals out of power, and make life a little easier for everyone (but the rich).

From:: Grand River Community News

AW@L Radio – 2018-05-11 – Resisting Racists and Free Speech Warriors (again…)

as anti-racists plan to counter a far-right march in Quebec, anti-racists in Ontario challenge racist academic francis widdowson as she was hosted by the “laurier society for open inquiry”. also the canadian anti-hate network (CAN) has launched and will work to track far-right movements.

listen here:

From:: Grand River Community News

AW@L Radio – 2018-05-04

this quick edit of an episode of AW@L Radio has an update of the ongoing issue of the students organising under the group name “laurier society of open inquiry” (LSOI), who keep trying to host and platform speakers who support/are or racist, white nationalist, and/or anti-Indigenous rights under the shield of “free speech”. also an update on the shameful canadian government efforts to block more asylum seekers from entering canada.

From:: Grand River Community News

AW@L Radio: 6 Glaring Issues with the Supreme Court’s Line 9 Decision

Download Audio:
AW@L Radio – 2017-08-04: Six Glaring Issues with the Supreme Court’s Line 9 Decision
Youth from Chippewas of the Thames First Nations in front of hte Supreme Court

Responding to the Supreme Court of Canada’s rejection of the Chippewas of the Thames First Nations challenge of the National Energy Board’s decision to allow the #line9 pipeline to have its flow reversed and to have the inline pressure increased—while also approving for the flow of tar sands diluted bitumen and bakken-shale fracked oil—despite a complete failure to meaningfully consult any Indigenous community potentially impacted along the pipeline’s route, David-Gray Donald analysis six of the more absurd issues plaguing this high court decision.

The bulk of this episode of AW@L radio is a reading of “6 Glaring Issues with the Supreme Court’s Line 9 Decision” from the, posted by David Gray-Donald (@DgrDon). You can access the whole article here:

AW@L Radio – 2017-07-27 – Canada’s Supreme Court redefines Indigenous Consultation in Line 9 Decision

We start with a quick rant about the (lack of) commitment to human-scale infrastructure in Kitchener and Waterloo region, evidenced by the multimillion dollar re-build of King St without the construction of a separated bike lane. For cyclists, you will be forced to “sharrow” with fast moving cars, then be coerced to the sidewalk to mingle with pedestrians or risk your wheels being swallowed by the trolly track. #Wrbike #wrwalk

The main focus of the show is the supreme court of canada decision on consultation with Indigenous nations. While the Clyde River Inuit scored a huge win as seismic blasting is halted in their territory for now, the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation were told their treaty rights meant nothing as Canada will continue to ignore Indigenous rights while oil money can be made. In a unanimous decision, the SCC called the consultation process that the National Energy board undertook for the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation “manifestly adequate”, while wholly chastising the NEB for a complete failure in consulting the Clyde River Inuit.

In the SCC decision, “nation-to-nation” consultation and treaty responsibilities have been reduced to the level of a public hearing, with no shared decision making powers.

After reading a statement from Chippewas Solidarity about the court decision, we broadcast two clips of the newly elected chief of the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, Myeengun Henry. The first is his statement, from the bank of the Deshkaan Ziibi, just south of a line 9 crossing of the river, where Chief Henry demanded that Enbridge stop pushing oil through Chippewas of the Thames First Nation Territory, giving the oil company 30 days to comply. The second clip is from an interview scrum shortly that statement was made.

The SCC decision defines a reconciliation benifitting the colonizers in a neoliberal-capitalist settler country. We need to respond with active solidarity!

The final portion of the episode is a re-broadcast of the inspiring interview on Democracy now with Ruby Montoya and Jessica Reznicek, two powerful womyn who sabotaged the Dakota Access Pipeline over several months in 2016, which led to months of construction delays. The two catholic workers came forward to inspire “bold action” against fossil fuel infrastructure. (



From:: Grand River Community News

Climate Change Fires in BC – Indigenous Responses to Colonial Tactics

The show opens with a quick review of the upcoming supreme court decision on the lack of consultation with Chippewas of the Thames First Nation regarding the line 9 pipeline.

While sticking with pipelines, we jump to the climate change fueled fires raging across the western turtle island, first with a posting laying out the demands from the Working group on indigenous food sovereignty that Kinder Morgan shut down the oil and gas pipelines running through Secwepemc lands. (

After Ancient Grains cover of The Rebel Spell’s Last Call, we read an article from APTN news where the members of the Tl’etinqox First Nation defied Canadian government orders to evacuate their reserve to defend it against he raging fires. Chief Joe Alphonse, told APTN that officers from the RCMP threatened the First Nation that the Ministry of Children and Family Services “remove all the children” if the Indigenous community did not evacuate. Also worried their infrastructure would never be rebuilt, the Bonaparte Indian Band also defied evacuation orders to successfully fight off the fire from destroying the community. (…)



From:: Grand River Community News

Challenging the “Unproductive Fictions” of #Canada150


This episode of AW@L Radio (recorded June 30, 2017), opens with a quick rant about Trudeau’s massive increases to canada’s military budget, and a brief chat about local ripening fruits. For the remainder of the show, we are joined by Dr. Stephen Svenson for a discussion around #canada150 and the lingering “unproductive fictions” that deal with the establishment of this settler colonial state and which lay the foundation of racist canadian nationalism. Throughout the discussion we swing back to the question of “what are we celebrating?” when people choose to celebrate canada. “canada’s creation story, as it were, is genocidal maniacs trying to wipe the indigenous people off the map.” – @DocSvenson



From:: Grand River Community News