A picture of a row of townhomes in an affordable housing project in Memphis Tennessee with stairs leading to the doors, some simple pleasant landscaping with small shrubs in front of the homes. Homes are red brick and siding and have solar panels on the roof. Blue sky in the background.

CKMS News – 2024-03-22 – Responding to the effects of record high rents on women

CKMS News – 2024-03-22 – Responding to the effects of record high rents on women
by: dan kellar

Kitchener – As “record high rents” has been a recurring headline across the country over the past years, demand for social services such as food banks and housing have continued to rise.

Responding to the high costs of housing, Kitchener-Centre Green Party MPP Aislinn Clancy introduced the “Keeping People Housed Act” on March 6th, which will reintroduce rent and vacancy control on all rental units, create better regulations for renovictions, implement rules for replacing any losses of affordable housing units, and establish a task force to report on Above Guideline Rent Increases.

This show features interviews with Jennifer Breaton, the CEO of YWKW, and MPP Clancy. They discuss the effects of high rental prices on women and gender diverse folks across the region and province, and share ideas to address structural and systemic problems related to housing.  Breaton also highlights the work the YWKW does, and MPP Clancy discusses her legislation.

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