A photo of a spring day in Uptown Waterloo where a behind the car angle of a Waterloo Region police service cruiser parked on a the road AND the sidewalk out side of a doughnut and coffee shop, directly infront of a "No Stopping" sign. The motto "People Helping People" is visible on the trunk, along with the car's designation 656-N.

CKMS News -2024-04-19- Lawyer contracted by Waterloo Police Services fired as a result of charges in Thunder Bay

CKMS News -2024-04-19- Police Lawyer Fired After Being Charged With Obstruction And Breach Of Trust

by: dan kellar
Kitchener – On April 9th 2024, an external counsel for the Waterloo Regional police and the former internal legal counsel for the Thunder Bay police, Holly Walbourne was arrested by the OPP and charged for actions which they say took place while she was still working for the police force in the northern Ontario Town. 

Walbourne was retained by the WRPS for her legal services in May 2023, however, police spokesperson Cherri Greeno wrote to CKMS News that “As a result of allegations that are currently before the courts, WRPS has discontinued this contractual agreement.” 

Walbourne has been charged alongside former Thunder Bay police chief Sylvie Hauth. The two are charged with obstructing a public or peace officer, breach of trust, and multiple counts of obstruction of justice. 

This show features an interview with Patrick Watson, an assistant professor of criminology at the University of Toronto, who researches policing and police oversight.  He explains how communication works between police forces, and why the hiring of Walbourne may have happened despite the issues in Thunder Bay.

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