2019 Jukasa APC 200 Spring race

Day 1

As we had left Kitchener, the Sun was out but as we got closer to Cayuga the clouds started to roll in and it was slightly spitting out. As the squad arrived to the track qualifying had just started. The #27 Mopar Dodge Andrew Ranger got the pole. But the looks of a race happening Saturday night were looking less likely by the minute.

Pole winner Andrew Ranger

Some of the practice sessions and the Modifieds race was postponed due to the Wizard Of Oz like storm on the way. We had run into one of our former guests “Cookie” of the Just Give’r Eh? Podcast who was helping out CBRT for the day, Once the storm had finally hit we had to help hold a tent down for awhile.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road….

During this NASCAR had called all Crew Chiefs to the NASCAR Hauler to discuss the storm and when the race should happen. There was a lot of speculation between the people in the tent with us. Some crew, Shantel Kalika and Jason White had already guessed they wouldn’t be racing tonight. The only thing Jason was worried about at that point was the $1000 dollars he had spent on Raptors tickets the following day.

(From Left) The CBRT crew, Jason White and Shantel Kalika

The PA had announced that the race would be postponed until 1 PM the next day. Which would mean this would set up for the 1st day race at Jukasa ever. New tires and you can’t tell who’s gonna take the checkers at the end of this!

Jukasa takes about 2 hours to dry

The squad went home and rested up for the following day of oval racin’.

Day 2

Upon arrival at Jukasa, the new parking area in the grass in front of the track was not accessible as the torrential downpour had made it into a swamp. For today the track were going to go with the old ticket booth and entrance as they were directing spectators to park along the gravel pathway to avoid any vehicles getting stuck.

Once you walk in, the NASCAR Pintys Series drivers were all on picnic tables signing autographs for fans as they walk into the track.

The NPS Drivers meeting fans

The Modifieds had their race rescheduled for 12 so i went into “Gilligan’s Island” to get ready for the NPS race. Being on Gilligan’s Island at a oval track means you are unable to leave the infield as the only way back into the grandstands area is to cross the track.
Next thing you know its 1 PM and the drivers are called to the grid for the start of the race! The national anthems were spectacular! Now its time for what everyone came for! Some bumper to bumper, side by side action!

The Pit Crews standing for the national anthems
The NPS cars on the Grid

Its Green flag and the #17 Castrol Edge Dodge DJ Kennington leads the race for the first 25 laps. #24 Circuit Acura Dodge Donald Theetge and the #28 OneLove Dodge Julia Landaurer battled for 4th but Theetge gave Julia a chrome horn and moved her. This gave her a bit of tire rub.

Ranger and Kennington jockey for position

The #43 AGI Dodge Shantel Kalika spins in 4 luckily however with no heavy damage. Julia Landaurer has a fast car. She had led some of her first Pinty’s series laps. The guys were racing her hard just like they would anyone else. She was even up to 2nd and gaining on DJ.

Shantel spinning her car around

With 140 to go the top 7 cars were all nose to tail. The #27 Mopar Dodge Andrew Ranger had been holding onto the top 5 nearly the entire race. The #7 National Exhaust Pete Shepherd also making moves proving he has a car to potentially win this race. Some good close racing here in the opening stages of the race.

Ranger and Shepherd battle for position

With 132 to go, Shantel Kalika spins in 3 right in front of us. After the 2nd restart, Tags went back to tenth from the top 5. Theetge takes the top spot. Ranger working his way back up with 117 to go.

Theetge leading the race

Shepherd doing a good job staying in the top 3. With 105 to go Shantel spins in again 4 brining out another yellow flag. Cross flags under 3rd yellow meaning the race has been run at its halfway point.

Ranger, Shepherd and Dumoulin racing hard

Pete comes out as leader over the #3 Kubota Chevy Jason Hathaway. Shantel gets the free pass to be able to get back onto the lead lap. Landauer back in the top 5.

With 50 to go Ranger, DJ Kennington, Theetge, Lacroix, Tags and Anthony Simone. Lap 175 and Ranger out In front making ground lapping cars. With 15 to go and DJ spins in 3 and 4. 10 cars on lead lap with 10 to go. Landauer wrecks with 6 to go and kinda hit the wall hard in 1-2.

Even with one of the fastest cars, Julia Landaurer recorded a DNF

With the final restart, it came down to Ranger, Lacroix with Pete Shepherd just behind. However the latter 2 couldn’t hold up and Andrew Ranger earns his first win of the 2019 season and his second podium performance along with Kevin Lacroix who got p2 with Pete Shepherd in p3.

Ranger and Lacroix playing nice for the 2nd race in a row

The winner of the 2019 APC 200 @ Jukasa Motor Speedway Andrew Ranger

#27 Mopar Dodge Angrew Ranger
Ranger adding his 1st of many Race Win stickers to the “T-Post” of his car

CKMSWWOM will have the Top 3 finishers as well as Shantel Kalika at 3-4 PM EST

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