Glenn Buhr and The Button Factory Band wrap up the Elora Music Festival Starlight Series Sat July 25

Gleen Buhr and The Button Factory Band
Gleen Buhr and The Button Factory Band


Glenn Buhr, guitars/piano/vocals

Glenn Buhr has a broad and various musical life. He’s a singer/songwriter; a powerful performer his own songs, and he’s also developed a reputation as creator and performer of unique remixes of classic blues, rock and popular songs, giving them all his own peculiar compositional voice.

Recently he’s worked with Madeleine Peyroux, Ron Sexsmith, Kiran Alhuwalia and Sarah Slean as arranger, producer and composer. He won the Genie Award for best song from the film Seven Times Lucky in 2005, and he’s the winner two recent SOCAN awards for his music.

Buhr is also a composer of concert and stage music for symphony orchestra’s, ballet companies, string quartets and various chamber ensembles. He became well known in Canada in the mid-80’s when the Toronto and Montreal Symphony Orchestras first championed his work, and in the mid-90’s as front man – with conductor Bramwell Tovey – of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s New Music Festival. Visit

Mike Anderson, guitar/laptop/vocals

A musical jack of all trades, Mike Anderson performs professionally as a jazz keyboardist, laptop artist, singer-songwriter, and virtuoso guitarist. Mike’s musical skills and interests range from the populism of his songwriting and improvisation (especially with his work in the indie band Blind), to the experimental, especially his celebrated performances of his own electronic compositions in various clubs in southwestern Ontario.

Victor Bateman, bass/guitar/vocals

Victor Bateman has spent the past 32 years playing music in, around, and outside of Toronto. During this time he’s had the good fortune to perform and record with many excellent musicians in a variety of styles and situations. They include country music with The Good Brothers, Sylvia Tyson and Quartette, blues with Amos Garrett and Chris Whiteley, improvisatory music with CCMC, Jean Derome, and Lori Freedman, jazz with Reg Schwager and Laura Hubert, folk music with Murray Maclauchlan, Ken Whiteley, Jackie Washington, and Eve Goldberg, pop music with Jill Barber and Big Sugar, klezmer music with the Flying Bulgars. as well as contemporary concert music and opera by Anthony Braxton, Wende Bartley and Nic Gotham.

Brandon Miguel Valdivia, drums/percussion

Brandon Miguel Valdivia is a percussionist, mbira-ist, flautist and composer. He studied composition and percussion performance at Wilfrid Laurier University and has studied West African percussion, Mbira Dzavadzimu, Javanese Gamelan and Latin American percussion. He is involved in the experimental folk band Picastro, the improv/world music/psych duo Not the Wind, Not the Flag and punk/psych/folk band Pachamama, and his solo project Mas Aya. He has appeared on releases for local and international labels such as Barnyard Records, Medusa Editions, Bug Incision Records, Healing Power Records, Alien8, Polyvinyl, Spool and Constellation Records.

He has also composed and performed music for theatre groups such as MT Space in Kitchener, IXOK’ Theatre Collective, Aluna Theatre, Clay and Paper Theatre in Toronto, and the Red Snow Collective. Brandon has performed throughout Canada, the United States, China, Europe and in Colombia.

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Glenn Buhr was recently my special guest on Coral FM. Here is a little podcast we did regarding his latest project Glenn Buhr and The Button Factory Band! – I decided not to play Jackhammer at the end of Glenn’s chat! This piece is best experienced live!!! Excelsior – Coral FM.




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