Happy New Fiscal Year!

Hi Programmers,
I hope you are all doing well. The last few weeks of summer have been interesting ones at the station! On the air we have sounded amazing, The new Board of Directors, mainly the old board with the addition of Kevin H. (Welcome Kevin) is going to be embarking on some station fixes and upgrades. Please email: board@soundfm.ca or office@soundfm.ca before you change anything at the station or if something isn't working. I have hear that the station computer is not playing through the board, although that might be fixed now…So be prepared with some CD's or MP3's as you go in this week!
As we define the new roles of the board members at the next meeting, if there is something that you would like to work on or help with please email us (or me) and let us (or me) know!
That being said, it is coming on September and we should be getting our show fees in. At some point during September or early October I'm going to be contacting shows that are behind with their show fees and just letting them know where they are at! Remember Station policy is that shows that are two months behind and that have not contacted the board will have their show turned green.
What does green mean? Well it means that somebody else could purchase your time slot and bump your show! Yuck! We had our first instance of that recently; it was not fun.
The Schedule – being one of the things that needs fixing, because it is still not on the site will be fixed soon! I would like to welcome or re-welcome a few shows that joined recently:
First we started a bi-weekly training program on Sundays 9-10Pm if you feel that you need to receive training on ANYTHING at the station please let me know and if I can do the training I will help you out or if I don't know how to do it I will either learn it or arrange for someone who knows to help you out! This training time slot will be for new programmers or any current programmers who need some training.
Domingo is back! Doing Saturdays (12-2PM) and Sundays (1-3PM)
Ati is doing a new music show Sundays (3:30-4:30PM)
The Underground sound Project has moved from Thursday to Tuesday.
Nasha Kasha Joins Thursdays 11:30AM-12Noon right before Blue Sky Horse Radio!
Welcome to all these new and returning shows! And Welcome to Kevin joining the Board of Directors!

Rob "DJ" Steel – 100.3 SoundFM
CKMS Board Member

283 Duke St W, Unit 114b
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
N2H 3X7

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