Listen For Smooth Contemporary QUINTE JAZZ Saturday April 8 at 9 AM NEW REPLAY Sunday April 9 4 PM

After broadcast on SoundCloud

Aaron Brown’s Fubop Collective Satin Sunset SINGLE 2023 Astrocolor Night Flight MOONLIGHTING 2023 Gerem 3 Apocalypse SINGLE 2023
Astrocolor Coming Home MOONLIGHTING 2023 Dee Lucas Stay Strong SINGLE 2023
he Ostara Project THE OSTARA PROJECT 2022 Kyle Schroeder Fresh Start SINGLE 2023 Hubert Eaves IV Let’s Get Serious SINGLE 2023
Nick Maclean Quartet Road Warrior SINGLE 2023 Will Dowling Early Years SINGLE 2023 Sharon Rae North The Kiss That Wakes You SILHOUETTE 2022
Spence Jeanny’s Love SINGLE 1991

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