The Horizon Broadening Hour (teal text over a colour saturated photo of the Kitchener skyline)

New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #21

What’s up, y’all? Hopefully you’re enjoying the live-to-air Golden MP3 awards right now. If you’re still hungry for more afterwards, here is the Horizon Broadening Hour a day early. First, though, here is what I have added to Libretime in the last week:

Sound of Lions 11:44 Pop CanCon
Sightlines “Summer” EP Punk Indeterminable
Divine Pocket Bouncers Divine Pocket Bouncers R&B No
Curbside Sofa Curbside Sofa Rock CanCon
Joel LeBlanc & Ken Aldcroft The Long and the Short of It Jazz CanCon
The Shiitake Project 5 Days in Bath Pop CanCon
Mike Janzen Carols Christmas/Holiday CanCon
Acres & Acres Truth & Sky Pop CanCon
Manafest Fighter Religious CanCon
Tough Mitts Tough Mitts EP Electronica Indeterminable
J. Eygenraam Cheap Talk Alternative No
Yes Nice Warm Gun Indie Rock CanCon
Snake River (Mountain Gospel Youth Band Songs No One’ll Hear Alternative CanCon
The Occupational Side Effects Not Your Dealer’s Friend Rock CanCon
Parallels XII Alternative CanCon
Michael Wood Occupy This Rock CanCon
The Beladeans E.P. R&B No
Catgut Fightpicker Indie Rock Indeterminable
Lioness The Golden Killer Rap NSFR (presumed) CanCon
Woods of Ypres Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light Metal No
Divine Fits A Thing Called Divine Fits Alternative Indeterminable
Souls Rest Better Weapon Other CanCon
The Trews …Thank You And I’m Sorry Alternative CanCon
The Veer Union Divide the Blackened Sky Alternative CanCon
Richard Underhill Tales from the Blue Lounge Jazz CanCon
Lucky Widmore Long Time Coming Unknown NSFR (potentially) Indeterminable
Stefan Christoff Temps Libre Jazz CanCon

The good news — I believe the entirety of our in-studio CD shelf will have been uploaded to the system by this time next week!

Here is the Horizon Broadening Hour:


Protosequence – Parasitic
Van Halst – World of Make Believe
Monarch Woods – Nets in the Night
Fayne – Nomad’s Land
Black Crown Initiate – Shape’s Collapse
Kolony – The Trial
Woods of Ypres – Career Suicide (Is Not Real Suicide)
Cannons – State of Emergency
Sal Lima – Goin Rockin
Supermoon – Witching Hour
James Kasper – Old Hearts of Rust
DJ Champion – Julio’s Holy Rodeo
Sam Weber – Buddy
Look Vibrant – Cauliflower
Duotang – That’s What Keeps us Alive
Child’s Play – Love Walmart
Karen Potje – Too Late Too Long Too Old
The Goatbox Rebels – Black Tooth Grin
Matt Patershuk – Little Guitar
Nick Dehod – Death of a Cynic
Rant Maggie Rant – Southwestern Ontario Town
Government Town – Godforsaken Town
Chucky Macdonald – Our Little Friend the Sun
Ron Beer – Hawaii Bound
Emily Millard – Where is God
Velvet Vice – Urban Instinct

See y’all next week!

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