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New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #28

What’s up, y’all? First up, here is what I have added to Libretime since last week:

Unquiet Nights Seasons in Exile Blues No
AMBER Waters of Love – Single Pop No
Mattmac x Stella Standingbear Imposters – Single Hip Hop Clean and Explicit versions available CanCon
William Thomson Lighthouse New Age No
Wayne Gillespie & Famous Blue Turncoat Seconds – Single Rock No
Sam Jr Inner Shadow Rock CanCon
Rivherside Instrumental Cheap Fuzz Blues EP Rock No
Gabriel Evan Orchestra Island Hopping Jazz No
103 Cubic Inches Songs With Static Rock CanCon
Jared Adams Mystic Humanism Rock CanCon
Melissa Fortin Prismacolore Instrumental CanCon
Lola Blu Good Ole Days – EP Country No
JR Rhodes What I Gotta Say – Single Hip Hop Instrumental also available CanCon
Ricardo Gomes Low Tide Pop CanCon
Sean Briehaus I Didn’t Know How to Leave Alternative CanCon
Tyler Del Pino The Drugs Still Work – Single Rock CanCon
Acid Mothers Temple & Reynols Vol. 3 Psychedelic No
FevaDreams Lose Sleep – Single Pop No
Alex Cuba Voces De Mi Familia Traditional CanCon
Madeline Doornaert Take Time – Single Alternative CanCon
Mark Tisell Midnight Munchies – Single Pop No
CHARLOT Underground – Single Pop No
Keenan Mundane Molasses – EP Hip Hop NSFR No
Lov3less High Life – Single Pop No
MELL VF Queen of my Castle – Single Pop No
HALF CAB Rearview Punk No
Burnstick Made of Sin Country CanCon
Caravan Jake Living in a Simulation Rock CanCon
Phased Out First Loves Blues – Single Rock CanCon
Phased Out What You Can’t Get – Single Rock CanCon
PRCHR Rabbit Season – Single Pop No
Hope Street House Song for Clayton – Single Electronic No
Various Artists Turkish Back Porch Scene EP Vol. 1 Blues No
Jay Williams Electro Psychotronic – Single Electronic No
Pierre Bliss – Single Instrumental CanCon
Pierre By the Boats – Single Instrumental CanCon
Pierre Simplicity – Single Instrumental CanCon
Pierre Mad Taxi – Single Instrumental CanCon
Pierre Saturday Service – Single Instrumental CanCon

Here is tonight’s Horizon Broadening Hour:


Jared Adams – South End Kids
Melissa Fortin – Violette
FevaDreams – Lose Sleep
JR Rhodes – What I Gotta Say
Keenan Mundane – Molasses
Lov3less – High Life
Mark Tisell – Midnight Munchies
DUTE – Slowly
Jay Williams – Electro Psychotronic
Charlot – Underground
Hope Street House – Song for Clayton
AMBER – Waters of Love
Benjamin Russell and Greg Fraser – Rain Collapsing
Pierre – By the Boats
Caravan Jake – Gasping for a Cappuccino
MELL VF – Queen of my Castle
Ricardo Gomes – Happy Days
PRCHR – Rabbit Season
Phased Out – What You Can’t Get
Acid Mothers Temple & Reynols – Kicking Air Bricks
The Old Ramblers – Saturday Blues
Alex Cuba – Tiene Sabor
Gabriel Evan Orchestra – Habana Hammock
William Thomson – Driftwood
John Kameel Farah & Nick Fraser – Insect Mountain
Natasha Blackwood – Melita
The Dan Kirouac Band – Work Around It
Giuseppe Accardi and Pietro Baudanze – Joll

Just a reminder that we are continuing our fundraising drive, please donate if you can! See y’all next time.

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