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New Music Uploads to LibreTime + Horizon Broadening Hour #4

What’s up, y’all? You know the routine by now — first and foremost, here’s the music I’ve uploaded to LibreTime over the past week:

Lindsay Shaw Breathe Easy Pop CanCon
Mappe Of The Isle of Ailynn Indie Rock CanCon
A-Sirr Time Machine Rock CanCon
Fly Pan Am C’est Ca Indie Rock CanCon
Salt Horse Sick Transit Indie Rock CanCon
The Neutral States The Kitchen is Where the Knives Are Indie Rock CanCon
Joshua Gerowitz Joshua Gerowitz’s Dark Forest Theory Jazz No
Bywater Call Bywater Call R&B CanCon
Common Holly When I Say to You Black Lightning Indie Rock CanCon
Andre Wickenheiser A Happy Little Accident Jazz CanCon
Look Vibrant Cherish Everything Indie Rock CanCon
Richard Thompson 13 Rivers Rock No
Britt A.M. Psychic Knots Alternative CanCon
Jom Comyn Crawl Alternative CanCon
Hellrazer Bonecrusher Metal CanCon
Tetrix Every House Has a Light On Electronica CanCon
LAL Dark Beings Dance/House CanCon
Emile Bilodeau Grandeur Mature Pop CanCon
Moondle Moondle Rock CanCon
Greber Cemetery Preston Metal CanCon
Mark Perry Right Here Acoustic Dirt Road Ballads CanCon
Norine Braun Through Train Windows Other CanCon
Will Chalmers Missing You Unknown CanCon
The Dustbowl Daddies More Hurricane Than Rainbow Indie Rock CanCon
Andrea Petrity What If I Jazz CanCon
Deni Gauthier Quiet Town Other Indeterminable
Phil Glennie Wake Indie Rock CanCon
Michael Vlatkovich Five of Us Jazz CanCon (partially)
Page 38 Burning the Midnight Oil Rock CanCon
The Flamingos Pink Kustom Kreme Indie Rock CanCon
Icicle Provenance Electronica CanCon
Cares Control Isn’t Real Electronic/Experimental/Industrial/Ambient CanCon (presumed)
The Top Boost Dreaming Other CanCon
The Dustbowl Daddies Boom and Bust Economies of Love Indie Rock CanCon
Safia Nolan Reprises Vol. 2 Pop CanCon
Woodhawk Violent Nature Rock CanCon
Chunder Buffet Lemon Sleazy Other CanCon (presumed)
Kara Shaw The Kara Shaw Collection, Vol. 1 Classical/Singer-Songwriter CanCon/KWCon/CKMSCon
Elliott Brood Town Rock CanCon

Make sure to check out The Kara Shaw Collection if you would like to play music from one of CKMS’s very own programmers.

And here is tonight’s Horizon Broadening Hour:

Here’s the tracklist:

Kara Shaw – This Land is Your Land
Lindsay Shaw – The Struggle
Alison Hogan – Pinto Pony
100 Mile House – 1952 Vincent Black Lightening
Illa Barker – Girl I See You
Roxanne Reddy – Wilted
She & Him – How Can I Make You Love Me
Michael Vlatkovich – People in my Wallet
Andrea Petrity – Conversation in My Head
Andre Wickenheiser – Basement Suite Part 3
Joshua Gerowitz – Deanna and Lwaxana
Andrew Raffo Dewar – I
Elliott Brood – Dark Side of the Road
Babaux and the Peacemakers – Without the Medicine
By Divine Right – Smokies and Cannonballs
Frog Eyes – Scottish Wine
Packs – New TV
Bad Waitress – Manners
The Jerry Gross Organization – Racer Cinema/Sleeping Train
Thndr – Lightfromthebluescreen
Zoon – Dodem
Genevieve Racette – The Tide
The Bombadils – Records and Rent
Phillippe B – Pauline a la Ferme
Andy Penkow – 1993
Lindsey and the Lonelies – Another Cowgirl (On Your Mind)

See y’all next time!

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