No Safe Home & Log Bomb

Last weekend on Mano A Mano – Concept Album we featured the Wax Mannequin album No Safe Home in Full. This was a request by Jeff McKenna. Wax Mannequin is semi-local….from Hamilton ON. Check out his album here and then go purchase some of his album online or around the city!

And Since I saw them together for the first time I podcasted them together here….Keep listening once No Safe Home is finished because then we jump into some Log Bomb by Bob Log III. Bob is always swinging by the Jane Bond in Waterloo! Make sure to check him out! He will sell you a tube top! He will sell you some panties! What you want?

If you have an album that you think should be added to the mosaic contact us on twitter or instagram: @mamradio

One thought on “No Safe Home & Log Bomb”

  1. Concept albums have always eluded me to quite an extent. I don’t get what concept albums are in the first place.

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