CKMS 102.7 FM Radio Waterloo (elongated teal rectangle with yellow and black sunflower on the left and black text on the right and empty space at the bottom)

Radio Waterloo joins the #Fediverse!

Due to technical difficulties, the #Fediverse integration on this website is currently deactivated.

(five coloured dots, fully meshed with coloured lines)Hello Fediverse!

Radio Waterloo, CKMS-FM 102.7, a community radio station in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada is very happy to be joining the #Fediverse through our blog at

Our show hosts post their music lists, interview show notes, and sometimes podcasts on the Radio Waterloo blog, and now those posts are available in the Fediverse too!

Follow to receive all the posts, or follow individual show hosts from our Authors List at

Happy listening!


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