Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2016/08/17

RebelTimeRadioWow! Another episode of Rebel Time Radio? Can you believe it? I can’t either, but here it is! Mike and Dan continue their punk rock music playing journey with the tunes that will get you….well punk rocking!

This weeks episode features some new tunes from The Maras and Spectres, not to mention some top notch classics from Knucklehead, Preying Hands, Rudimentary Peni, and Born Against! This episode, even though Dan said they would play new stuff from The Descendents,  DOES NOT contain any new material from The Descendents, Dan’s a liar liar pants on fire. Between songs Mike and Dan also go on about the uselessness of the Olympics and mention that Kings of Leon are not a good band.

So c’mon all ye punkers and download this episode! Turn it up and annoy your neighbours!*

*Rebel Time Radio will not be held liable if you annoy your neighbours and they call bylaw on you.

Download the podcast here – right click and save link as.

  1. Menem – La Policia
  2. Oi Polloi – Boot Down the Door
  3. The Pinkos – Pinkos Theme Song
  4. Knucklehead – Shelters
  5. The Maras – MD
  6. Rudimentary Peni – Cosmetic Plague
  7. SECT – Scream
  8. Preying Hands – Breathe
  9. Vomito – Mirando Al Abismo
  10. The Strike – Kicking Ass
  11. Born Against – Born Against Are Fucking Dead
  12. No Chaser – Eat My Fist
  13. Sound City Hooligans – Is It Enough?
  14. Soiled Doves – Hopeless
  15. Spectres – Vertigo
  16. The Bellicose Minds – The Spine
  17. Moral Hex – Paranoia
  18. Belgrado – 10000 Spektali
  19. The Selecter – Bristol and Miami
  20. Section 4 – Take Down Yer Fuckin’ Posters
  21. Culture Shock – Working Doesn’t Work For Me
  22. D.O.A. – Warmonger
  23. Bus Station Loonies – Temple of Love

13645336_10150723416409963_2810738680620888568_nGo to the CD release show for The Maras at the Starlight! The show is August 27. Details are here.

a4035864122_10And don’t forget to pre-order and listen to a few tracks from Rebels Sing – A Tribute to Todd Serious and The Rebel Spell here

Catch Rebel Time Radio every Wednesday at 9PM on 100.3 Sound FM or and whenever we get around to podcasting.

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