Rebel Time Radio – 2016/10/19

RebelTimeRadioWe’re loud! We’re angry! We’re Rebel Time Radio! And we deliver podcast to you a week after recording! Tune in for a set of heavily politicized punk rock and ska sprinkled with some oi and a dash of hardcore!

On tonight’s episode you’ll hear Oi Polloi, Atterkop, Off With Their Heads, Section 4, Crass, and more! You’ll also hear Dan go on and on about the dangers of creeping fascism. He also does a terrible impression of both Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump. You won’t want to miss it!

So hit play and get rockin!

Click here to download the podcast here (right click and save the link)

Tonight’s set:

  1. Pogomarto – Un connard, une connasse
  2. The Rebel Spell – Hacksaw
  3. Bad Religion – Oh What Can You Do?
  4. Oi Polloi – Bash the Fash
  5. Good Riddance – A Credit to His Gender
  6. Atterkop – Picket Fence
  7. This Is My Fist – Skyscrapers Gone Crazy
  8. Nomeansno – The Tower
  9. Off With Their Heads – Theme Song
  10. Propagandhi – Fuck the Border
  11. Luvdump – No Borders
  12. The Adicts – Distortion
  13. The Lillingtons – Vaporize My Brain
  14. Jeunesse Apatride – Streets of Montreal
  15. The Selecter – See Them A Come
  16. Section 4 – Take Down Yer Fuckin’ Posters
  17. Infamous Scientists – Canada’s Pissed
  18. Crass – Nagasaki Nightmare

Catch Rebel Time Radio every Wednesday at 9PM on 100.3 Sound FM or and whenever we get around to podcasting.

If you want your band’s tunes on the show, shoot an email to

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