Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/01/11

Get yer snowsuit and toque on, cuz it’s time for another episode of Rebel Time Radio broadcasted from the frozen wastelands of Canada!

Tonight’s episode features Elysha, Mike, and Dan spinning tunes from the likes of The Rebel Spell, PEARS, Personality Crisis, and Limp Wrist. They also talk A LOT about peeing on an especially tall oompa loompa. Really they’re only here to take the piss.

So crank it up and get rocking to the slammingist politically charged punk rock tunes you’ll hear this side of that side!

Download the podcast here (right click and save the link)

Tonight’s set:

  1. MDC – Born to Die
  2.  Flipper – Ha Ha Ha
  3.  The Rebel Spell – You’re On Your Way
  4.  D.O.A. – Kill Ya Later
  5.  Propagandhi – Dear Coach’s Corner
  6.  White Lung – Dead Weight
  7.  Against Me! – Norse Truth
  8.  PEARS – Anhedonia
  9.  Fea – Mujer Moderna
  10.  Sex Stains – Spidersss
  11.  Personality Crisis – Piss on You
  12.  Swingin’ Utters – Angels Pissing on your Head
  13.  GBH – Perfume and Piss
  14.  NoFX – I gotta Pee
  15.  Circle Jerks – Golden Shower of Hits
  16.  Bad Religion – Heaven is Falling
  17.  Black Flag – White Minority
  18.  Appalachian Terror Unit – Enslaved
  19.  Limp Wrist – Hardcore Boys
  20. Ancient Shapes – Public Hymns
  21.  Culture Abuse – Yuckies
  22.  Canailles – Bécik
  23.  Mischief Brew – Boycott Me!
  24.  Artificial Dissemination – (I Liked U Better When U Were) Dead
  25.  The Rotten – No Good at All

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