Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2016-07-13

RebelTimeRadioHoly ghost of St. John Paul II Batman, here’s another episode of Rebel Time Radio! Put on your seat belts kids, cuz we’re going to blow your minds with the best political punk rock this side of the galaxy! Exclamation points for everyone!!!!!!!

Along with top notch tunes, Dan and Mike talk about why policing needs to change and why cops should stop shooting black people (SPOILER: because black lives matter, duh). Mike also talks about the new NOFX book. Is it good? Is it not? You’ll have to listen to find out! In between their mumbling, you’ll hear tracks from The Restarts, SNFU, Randy, Brutal Youth, and more.

Download the episode here (right click and save link as, natch)

This episodes playlist:

  1. Whorehouse of Representatives – Fuck Authority
  2. The Rotten – I Say
  3. Hostage Life – Ceci N’est pas une Chanson
  4. Heyoka – Dernier Souffle
  5. Culture Shock – Visibility
  6. Ultra Bide – DNA vs DNA-C
  7. SNFU – Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump
  8. The Restarts – Back to Square One
  9. Star Fucking Hipsters – Two Cups of Tea
  10. Youth Youth Youth – Bluestain
  11. Red Union – Rebel Anthems
  12. Randy – Working Class Radio
  13. NOFX – Linoleum
  14. Brutal Youth – Contrarian
  15. DOA – The Cops Shot a Kid
  16. The Subhumans – Moving Forward
  17. Propagandhi – Showdown
  18. Jello Biafra with NoMeansNo – The Myth Is Real, Let’s Eat

Don’t forget to catch Les Trois Huit on their upcoming Canadian tour. Do it or else you’ll be like “ugh I wish I checked out those Les Trois Huit shows!” If you’re a real keener, download some tunes from Les Trois Huit right here.


Catch Rebel Time Radio every Wednesday at 9PM on 100.3 Sound FM or and whenever we get around to podcasting.

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