Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2016/11/02

RebelTimeRadioWell would ya look at that, another brand spankin’ new episode of Rebel Time Radio! Loaded with all your favorite toppings and sauces like a vegan taco, we got all the political punk rock to slam into your face holes. Bring a napkin or two for this one!

Tonight Mike and Dan open the gates of hell with tunes from Chumbawama, Cambridge, Submission Hold, Brutal Youth, and more! Dan goes on a fairly short rant about the Dakota Access Pipeline and how governments and corporations work together to continue to the colonial project against indigenous people – big ups to the land defenders at Standing Rock! Mike also learns how to spell “radio.” Bloody brilliant!

Time to hit play and get punk rockin’!

Download the episode here (right click and save the link)

Tonight’s set:

  1. Circle Jerks – When the Shit Hits the Fan
  2. Dog Faced Hermans – Mary Houdini
  3. Ultra Bide – DNA vs DNA-C
  4. Chumbawamba – Timebomb
  5. The Young Canadians – I Hate Music
  6. Subhumans – Behind the Smile
  7. Propagandhi – Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette
  8. War on Women – Roe v World
  9. Police Funeral – 500 Years
  10. Whorehouse of Representatives – Stolen Land
  11. Cambridge – Hole in the Ground
  12. D.O.A. – Pipeline Fever
  13. Alien Boys – Anthem
  14. Submission Hold – Hawks and Doves and Time
  15. Brutal Youth – Hostile Work Environment
  16. The Rebel Spell – The Tsilhqot’in War
  17. General Rudie – So Much
  18. Skainhead – Cervasas

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