Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/02/22

After a few weeks of trashed recordings, Rebel Time Radio PODCAST is back for your eternal Internet listening. Kick back and enjoy Dan, Mike and Elysha’s tasteful musical selection of the evening including but not limited to Fox Face, Ultra Bidé, Reagan Youth, Heyoka and Rape Revenge.

Download the podcast here (right click and save the link)

Tonight’s set:

  1. The Selecter – Big in the body, small in the mind
  2. Propagandhi – Rock for Sustainable Capitalism
  3. The Selecter – Fuck Art Let’s Dance
  4. D.O.A. – Blind Men
  5. Stiff Little Fingers – Wasted Life
  6. X-Ray Spex – Obsessed with You
  7. The Effigies – Security
  8. Pretty Riot – Sisterhood Unity
  9. The Rebel Spell – Feel the Same
  10. Disaster Strike – Drone Strike
  11. Fox Face – Girl Hater
  12. Hostage Life – Purple Hands
  13. Ballast – But After The Gig (Reprise)
  14. Reagan Youth – I Hate Hate
  15. Ultra Bidé – DNA vs DNA-C
  16. Articles of Faith – What We Want Is Free
  17. Witch Hunt – Cosmetic Plague (Rudimentary Peni)
  18. Red Alert – SPG
  19. Heyoka – La bourse ou la vie
  20. Combat 77- When We Were Young
  21. Curasbun – Colones ft Non Servium
  22. White Lung – Wild Failure
  23. Cult Values – Stones
  24. Rape Revenge – Thirsty Crow
  25. Kalashniskov – Monorotaia

And while we got your attention, check out this awesome show coming up right at ya in Hamilton – it’s Red Alert coming all the way from the UK to blow away your ear drums!

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