Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/04/05

What a special episode of Rebel Time Radio we have for you this week! Elysha fumbles around the studio all on her lonesome in the name of bringing the world all the punkinest music she can cram into this little hour with you. She brings the likes of Ambition Mission, SNFU, Eekum Seekum and AntiProduct and even makes an effort to express her latest encounter with sexism in the workplace. Good times all around.

We also introduce out latest (and first, and only) sponsor, Black Arrow Cycles! They even request a song, which (spoiler alert) we do play in their honour. Check them out on Queen Street between King and Charles in Kitchener, and online at!

Download the podcast here (right click and save the link!)

Tonight’s set:

  1. Chârogne – Féministe Frustrée
  2. Tilt – Restless, Irritated & Discontent
  3. Single Mothers – Patricide
  4. Ambition Mission – While You Were Out
  5. AntiProduct – The Power of Medusa
  6. Beyond Decay – Ticking Time Bomb
  7. Contravene – Inhumane Cage
  8. Eekum Seekum – Commemorative Action
  9. R.A.M.B.O – U-Lock Justice
  10. Direct Action – Fire In The Sky
  11.  Guilt Parade – Fuck Off America
  12. SNFU – Reality Is A Ride On The Bus
  13. Face To Face – Questions Still Remain
  14. Pulley – Bad Reputation
  15. Handheld – Making A Moment
  16. Hooky – Police Escort
  17. Mark It Zero – David Letterman Jacket
  18. Dear Landlord – A World That We Never Made

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