Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/04/26

Coming at ya like a punch to a Nazi’s face, it’s another episode of Rebel Time Radio! Mike and Dan bring some of the best political tunes from bands like Outcry, Sago, A Global Threat, Grit, plus a new tune from Conscious Youth. Dan also tries to summarize April’s top headlines. Spoiler: April sucked! So turn on your music listening device and get ready to party – political punk rock style!

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Tonight’s set:

  1. Dead Kennedys – When Ya Get Drafted
  2. Suburban Lawns – Janitor
  3. Braindead – Work and Toil
  4. Outcry – Walking
  5. Sago – Ignorant Shit
  6. Culture Shock – Visibility
  7. Brutal Youth – The King
  8. A Global Threat – Running Man
  9. Naked Aggression – Ode to a Fucked Up World
  10. The Rebel Spell – Sit With Me Anger
  11. Conscious Youth – Easton Rockers
  12. Section 4 – Rudy Got the Know
  13. Grit – Rundown Town
  14. Youth Youth Youth – Fire in the Rain
  15. Conflict – The Serenade is Dead
  16. Resist – Dumb Enough to Die
  17. Inter Terrestrials – Law Dealers
  18. Bus Station Loonies – Everyday Bullshit
  19. Dillinger Four – Noble Stabbings

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