Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/07/19

Get yer thinkin’ cap and dancin’ shoes on cuz Rebel Time Radio is here once again to fill yer earholes with political punk rock! Dan and Mike spin some of best tunes in the known universe including Limp Wrist, SNFU, 22 Long Riffs, and The Nasties! Plus they feature a new tune from Propagandhi. Now hit play! NOW!!!! CAPS LOCK!!!11!!

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Tonight’s set:

  1. Propagandhi – Victory Lap
  2. Burning Kitchen – Sounds of the Streets
  3. Appalachian Terror Unit – Endless Bloodshed
  4. Artificial Dissemination – Sell U Shit!
  5. Youth Youth Youth – Domination
  6. Ripcordz – Paranoia
  7. SNFU – Morley
  8. Tirekickers – Take the Streets
  9. Thee Infidels – Hate!
  10. Limp Wrist – Collapse
  11. Jeunesse Apatride – Noir
  12. 22 Long Riffs – Droit Devant
  13. The Selecter – Frontline
  14. Nomeansno – Sexmad
  15. The Nasties – Time is Now
  16. The Real Mckenzies – Mainland
  17. Leftover Crack – Muppet N.A.M.B.L.A.
  18. The Oi! Scouts – Nuke the Nazis
  19. F-Minus – Barking Dog
  20. Di Nigunim – Solidarity

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