Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/08/17 – Antifascist Allstars

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Rebel Time Radio is in tonight to give a big stinkin’ middle finger to those Neo-Nazi KKK alt-right white supremacists with a bunch of antifascit political punk rock songs! Dan spins some songs from Oi Polloi, Broadcast Zero, Los Fastidios and Angelic Upstarts. He also talks about why we all have to oppose fascism. So hit play and get ready to rock out to some good ol’ antifa tunes!
  1. Spanner – Always Antifascist
  2. Oi Polloi – Bash the Fash
  3. Section 4 – Fuck You
  4. Propagandhi – The Only Good Fascist is a Dead Fascist
  5. Chumbawamba – The Day the Nazi Died
  6. Infest – Nazi Killer
  7. G.L.O.S.S. – Fight
  8. Brutal Youth – Not Angry
  9. Mixed Deuce – Dick Spencer
  10. Broadcast Zero – It Dies With You
  11. The Selecter – Big In the Body
  12. Los Fastidios – Antifa Hooligan
  13. The Fallout – Bigots and Bastards
  14. Randy – Proletarian Hop
  15. Afterboltxebike – Pavlichenko
  16. Die Arzte – Schrei nach Liebe
  17. Angelic Upstarts – Anti-Nazi
  18. Hold A Grudge – Straight to the Point
  19. Di Nigunim – Fascist Degradation

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Black Lives Matter
Industrial Workers of the World
Donate cash for medical funds for people hurt in C-Ville

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