Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/10/04

Rebel Time Radio is here with another episode of political punk rock goodness! On tonight’s episode, Mike, Elysha, and Dan play some tunes from Kalashnikov Collective, Good Riddance, and B.G.K. They also play a bunch of new ones from Propagandhi and discuss Prop’s new album, Victory Lap, with plenty of gushiness for the band. Move your mouse to the play button and click it! Do it!

Download the podcast here (right click and save the link!)

Tonight’s set:

  1. Kalashnikov Collective – Algoritmo di crisi
  2. Scum of Toytown – Crisis
  3. Oi Polloi – Soil Yourself
  4. Propagandhi – Call Before You Dig
  5. Propagandhi – In Flagrante Delicto
  6. Propagandhi – Cop Just Out of Frame
  7. Propgandhi – Anti-Manifesto
  8. Good Riddance – A Credit to his Gender
  9. Marilyn’s Vitamins – 100 Bodies
  10. 22 Longs Riffs – Droit Devant
  11. Curasbun – Nuestro Espirutu
  12. Actitud Subversia – Sucios Politicos
  13. Sin Dios – Miseria y tracion
  14. B.G.K. – White Male Dumbinace
  15. B.G.K. – Spray Paint

Don’t forget to check out two awesome shows presented by Rebel Time in Hamilton! First October 21st, it’s France’s 22 Longs Riffs  with Barbed Wire Braces, Dissidence and Sick Of Shit (here’s the event page) and on November 10th, it’s Chile’s Curasbun  with Union Thugs, Glassed and more (here’s the event page). Get stoked!

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