Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/10/18

You’re in for a treat tonight as Elysha and Dan join forces to fumble over words and songs and bring you the latest and greatest in whatever they wanna hear. We’re showcasing brand new tunes by HIRS, sorta new tunes by The Selecter and Limp Wrist, and lots of old faves as a sountrack for smashing the status quo. Give ‘er a lissin!

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Tonight’s set:

  1. Bikini Kill – I Hate Danger
  2. Zounds – Little Bit More
  3. F-Minus – Wake Up Screaming
  4. Cambridge – Shit Blizzard
  5. Face to Face – Walk the Walk
  6. Cinderblock – No Future
  7. X-Ray Spex – I Can’t Do Anything
  8. HIRS – Leave Me Alone/Let Me Live/All By Myself
  9. Alien Boys – Just Another Piece of Acid
  10. War on Women – Say It
  11. The Selecter – Taking Back Control
  12. Prague Ska Conspiracy – Against the Ropes
  13. The Wipers – Now is the Time
  14. 22 Longs Riffs – Alerta
  15. Limp Wrist – A Littler Nervous

Don’t forget to check out two awesome shows presented by Rebel Time in Hamilton! First October 21st, it’s France’s 22 Longs Riffs  with Barbed Wire Braces, Dissidence and Sick Of Shit (here’s the event page) and on November 10th, it’s Chile’s Curasbun  with Union Thugs, Glassed and more (here’s the event page). Get stoked!

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