Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2018/08/15

Rebel Time Radio is back, so pump up that volume eh! On tonight’s show Mike and Dan play some brand spankin new tunes from The Fallout and Unsanitary Napkin, pls Grit and D.O.A. (rip Randy Rampage). They also play their last two picks from their Top Ten Most Influential Albums. Now we know what makes these two tick! Ok now press play. DO IT!!!

Download the episode here (right click and save the link!)

Tonight’s set:

  1. The Fallout – Wage Slave
  2. Ugly Mommy – Whatcha Gonna Do
  3. Unsanitary Napkin – Peter Thiel (Literal Vampire)
  4. Pokemon Liberation Army – No Pokemon Gods, No Pokemon Masters
  5. Citizen Fish – Man Made
  6. Grit – Stray Bullet
  7. The Nasties – Education Song
  8. D.O.A. – Crossfire
  9. The Vulcan Dub Squad – Who Mourns for Adonais
  10. The Vulcan Dub Squad – We’re Not Like Everybody Else
  11. Bauhaus – Double Dare
  12. Bauhaus – In the Flat Field
  13. SNFU – I Forget
  14. SNFU – The Ceiling
  15. The Rebel Spell – You Can’t Fool Me
  16. The Rebel Spell – I Am a Rifle

Hey you! Rebel Time Records just dropped the latest from Toronto’s awesome punk band The Fallout, Raise Your Flag and Other Anthems. Head over to their bandcamp page and grab it for five bucks. Whaddaya waiting for, go give it a listen and buy it already eh!

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