Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2016/09/21


Turn it up cuz it’s Rebel Time Radio! This week we got lots of awesome politically charged punk tunes for your pleasure. Mike and Dan play some tunes from  the likes of Spanner, Alien Boys, Brutal Youth, Spectres and the Hanson Brothers. And they hardly even offer any political commentary! Well Dan gives an embarrassingly disorganized mini history lecture on Frank Little, but you can learn about Little on your own time. So what are ya waiting for, hit play already! Nevermind those buzzing zapping sounds from hell, Rebel Time Radio actually doesn’t know what they’re doing.

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Tonight’s set:

  1. Section 4 – Cut Throat Hash
  2. The Strange Times – Incite
  3. Venganza – Sombras Azules
  4. Spanner – Space Invaders
  5. Randy – Little Toulouse
  6. Afterboltxebike – Des Que Lada Estas
  7. The Prowlers – Antifascist Skin
  8. Che Chapter 127 – One Minute of Silence
  9. Alien Boys – Anthem
  10. Brutal Youth – The King
  11. The Maras – MD
  12. The Specials – Rat Race
  13. The Strike – Ballad of Frank Little
  14. The Bus Station Loonies – Everyday Bullshit
  15. The Slackers – International War Criminal
  16. Regatta 69 –  G-Man
  17. Spectres – New Buildings
  18. Belgrado – 1000 Spektali
  19. Moral Hex – Constant Regret
  20. No Means No – Land of the Living
  21. Hanson Brothers – Get it Right Back

Learn more about Frank Little whydontcha?

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