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CKMS has always had great news publications in addition to the awesome radio content. In the past it was known as the “FM Times” or “In the Loop”. The “SoundFM Times” is just beginning of a new Radio Waterloo one page publication available below, at the station and around the city. Help SoundFM spread the word by printing this one page publication and posting is somewhere special. Make sure to take a photo and tweet at us and use the hash tag #RadioWaterloo

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Check out the archive here:

Issue #11 SFM Times May 2016
Issue #10: SFM Times April 2016
Issue #9: SFM Times March 2016

Issue #8: SFM Times February 2016

Issue #7: SFM Times January 2016

Issue #6: SFM Times December 2015
Issue #5: SFM Times November 2015
Issue #4: SFM Times October 2015

Issue #3: SFM Times Sepetmber 2015

Issue #2: SFM Times August 2015

Issue #1: SFM Times July 2015


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