So Old It’s New set list for Monday, March 14, 2016

The bulk of tonight’s show comes via Tom Carter, an Atlanta, Georgia-based musician who contacted me seeking airplay, sent me his album, Look Around, and here we are…good REM meets 60s and 70s classic rock album…nice work. more on Tom Carter at and the album is here:

Here is tonight’s set list:

  1. Meatloaf, Nocturnal Pleasure
  2. Tom Carter, You Go
  3. Tom Carter, Lost In This World
  4. Tom Carter, Look Around
  5. Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Karn Evil 9
  6. Tom Carter, Remember The Days
  7. Tom Carter, Down But Not Out
  8. Tom Carter, Julian Says
  9. Tom Carter, Overdrive
  10. Molly Hatchet, Fall Of The Peacemakers
  11. Tom Carter, Prisoner In A Cell
  12. Tom Carter, Where Are The Good Times?
  13. Tom Carter, We Had It Made
  14. Tom Carter, Still On We Go
  15. Creedence Clearwater Revival, Penthouse Pauper
  16. Powder Blues, Thirsty Ears
  17. Roy Buchanan, Five String Blues
  18. Mick Jagger, Gun
  19. David Bowie, Blackstar
  20. Elton John, My Father’s Gun


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