The Lost Indie City “Humour in music” set list March 11 2016

The Lost Indie City “Humour in music” set list March 11 2016

William Shatner – Major Tom

The Extras – Circular Impression

They Might Be Giants – Particle Man

Kids in the Hall – The Dave’s I know

Nine Big Dogs – Intergalactic Prophylactic (Dougies Lament)

Denis Leary – A-Hole

Bloodhound Gang – Whys Everybody Picking On Me

Screaming Blue Messiahs – I wanna be a Flintstone

Frank Zappa – Dancing Fool

The Nails – 88 Lines about 44 Women

Nerf Herder – Van Halen

Weezer – Troublemaker

Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod

Joe Dolce – Shadup You Face

Billy Bragg – Sexuality

Flaming Lips – Guy with a Headache…..

Barnes & Barnes – Fish heads

Streetband – Toast

The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist

Camper Van Beethoven – Take the Skinheads Bowling

Dead Milkmen – Punk Rock Girls

Ramones – Surfin Bird

Dread Zeppelin – Heartbreaker

Mental as Anything – If you Leave Me. Can I come too

The Dan Band – You Oughta Know

The Forgotten Rebels – Hello

Mojo Nixon – Elvis is Everywhere

Pavement – Cut Your Hair

Nada Surf – Popular

Napoleon XIV – They’re Coming to Take Me Away Ha Ha

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