So Old It’s New set list for Monday, Oct. 12, 2020

1. Ted Nugent “Anybody wants to get mellow can turn around and get the f*ck outta here” live rap from Double Live Gonzo!
2. The Rolling Stones, Rip This Joint
3. Black Sabbath, Neon Knights
4. AC/DC, Inject The Venom
5. Ted Nugent, Stranglehold
6. Budgie, Breadfan
7. Van Halen, D.O.A.
8. Queen, Sheer Heart Attack
9. Rush, Anthem
10. Judas Priest, Delivering The Goods
11. Nazareth, Just To Get Into It
12. Led Zeppelin, Out On The Tiles
13. Chilliwack, Communication Breakdown (not the Zeppelin song)
14. Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Not Fragile
15. Rory Gallagher, Big Guns
16. Jethro Tull, Hymn 43
17. Aerosmith, Nobody’s Fault
18. Deep Purple, No One Came
19. The Who, In A Hand Or A Face
20. Rod Stewart, (I Know) I’m Losing You
21. The Stooges, Down On The Street
22. Gov’t Mule, Bad Little Doggie
23. April Wine, Weeping Widow
24. Sex Pistols, EMI
25. Cheap Trick, Need Your Love (live at Budokan)

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