So Old It’s New set list for Saturday, June 29, 2024

Fourth, and for now final, in my series of Saturday morning live album replay shows. I’m starting with Rod Stewart/Faces Live Coast To Coast: Overture and Beginners, released in 1974; playing it at the suggestion of a friend. Also on the menu is The J. Geils Band which I think is best served live as evidenced by the group’s 1972 release “Live” Full House. And, to fill out the two-hour slot, some of my favorite tracks from another of Geils’ fine live albums, the appropriately titled 1976 record Blow Your Face Out. That album features lead singer Peter Wolf’s famous impromptu rap that introduces the song Musta Got Lost.

Rod Stewart/Faces Live Coast To Coast: Overture and Beginners

1. It’s All Over Now
2. Cut Across Shorty
3. Too Bad/Every Picture Tells A Story
4. Angel
5. Stay With Me
6. I Wish It Would Rain
7. I’d Rather Go Blind
8. Borstal Boys/Amazing Grace
9. Jealous Guy

The J. Geils Band – “Live’ Full House

1. First I Look At The Purse
2. Homework
3. Pack Fair And Square
4. Whammer Jammer
5. Hard Drivin’ Man
6. Serves You Right To Suffer
7. Cruisin’ For A Love
8. Looking For A Love

The J. Geils Band – from Blow Your Face Out

1. (Ain’t Nuthin’ But A) Houseparty
2. Musta Got Lost
3. Love-Itis
4. Detroit Breakdown
5. Chimes

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