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Coral FM MINI Podcast – The Many Voices of McHomer’s Rick Miller – DOH! And a Special Shout Out!

My niece Princess Alecia

Rick Miller’s McHomer – a mash up of 50 Simpsons voices versus The Scottish Play – aka Macbeth! has audiences of all ages laughing from start to finish.
McHomer is currently playing at The Studio Theatre as part of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival’s 60th Anniversary Season!
It’s there until Saturday May 26! It is fabulous! Go and see it!

And now … From his (recently autographed CD – heh heh) Rick Miller – Songs from My Shows, here is feature song Tragedy from McHomer and Queen’s Petrified Rock Anthem Bohemian Rhapsody – (also From McHomer) featuring 25 of the Most Annoying Voices in the Music Industry. AND … a special shout out to my nephew Michael, his wife Andrea, and daughter Princess Alecia – Three Beautiful People – Coral FM