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The Lyrical Honesty and Multimusic Genre Savvy of Toronto’s Young Running


Young Running 4

Conjoining the complimentary genres of indie, folk and roots to create a unique aural drive that is as captivating as it is distinct.
Young Running’s take on amalgamating the finer elements of influences including The Beatles, Radiohead, The Beauties, Iron & Wine,  Death Cab For Cutie and Neil Young begets an unparalleled  purity. Young Running’s fresh perspective is illustrated on their sophomore release, an independent five-song EP dubbed Coming Home.  
Recorded over four days with producer Derek Downham (The  Beauties) and engineer John Dinsmore at esteemed Hogtown facility Lincoln  County Social Club, Moss is elated at how sublimely it showcases the band’s solidity.

Highlighted on tunes such as the simple and  honest title track via its provoking thoughts on returning to a small  hometown with romance on the mind, breezy “Quiver Of Smoke” relating the sentiment of a former spark potentially set to rekindle—as conveyed in a momentous albeit breezy tempo—and “Ohh My” utilizing an easy, virulent groove to set the stage for a bar fight, 
Coming Home is surely on a straight and narrow path fuelled by confidence, dominance, subtlety and originality.
Young Running recently made their Waterloo Region debut at The Galt Club’s Vinyl Cafe House Concert Series at Cafe 13 in Cambridge. They are currently on a cross Canada tour.  
No doubt they will soon be back!
For more info on Young Running – Liam Kearney, James Moss, Kevin Braun and Spencer Irvine go to www.youngrunning.com. – Cheers Coral FM 

Listen here for my interview with Young Running’s songwriter Liam Kearney