The Horizon Broadening Hour (teal text over a colour saturated photo of the Kitchener skyline)

The Horizon Broadening Hour #27

(Cartoon illustration of kids dancing)
Keep Dancing!

More new music pulled from the KWCon and CanCon folders in my inbox, and a few CDs uploaded by Mophead too!

There was some technical maintenance in the studio tonight, so there’s no podcast this week.

Music List

Title Artist Album Genre
Loan Me Your Heart The Vaudevillian Oh Shuckareeroo I Get To Marry You Ragtime Blues / CanCon
Oh Shuckareeroo Ragtime Blues / CanCon
Booglie-Ooglie-Oo The Ever-Lovin’ Jug Band Tri-City Stomp Country Bluegrass / CanCon / KWCon
Just Can’t Wait Country Bluegrass / CanCon / KWCon
Right Here Gathering Sparks (singles) Folk / CanCon / FemCon
Feathers and Wings Folk / CanCon / FemCon
The Kid Couldn’t Find a Calling Len O’Neill Out of View Folk / CanCon
Rebels in the Rubble Folk / CanCon
everybody gets sad Shawn William Clarke Softer Scissors Folk/CanCon
new drug 1 Folk/CanCon
Joey Ally Corbett (single)  Folk / CanCon / KWCon / FemCon
À la frontière de l’intangible Patrick Giguère (Cheryl Duvall, piano) Intimes exubérances Classical/CanCon
Flatland Buildings and Food Echo the Field Ambient/CanCon
Sky-d Ambient/CanCon
Solar System Draft (Quantum Theory Mix) Korendians Korendians Electronica PsyTrance / Instrumental
He Likes That Classic Rock Son Of Dave A Flat City techno-blues dub / CanCon
Out Of Time Elliott Brood Country Rock/CanCon
Wind And Snow Rock/CanCon
Hot and Cold Chris Cachia (single) Hip Hop / CanCon
Stew White Rabbit Zzz/Just a Little Bit Alternative/CanCon
Zzz Alternative/CanCon
Rafters Red Output (singles) Alternative Rock / CanCon / KWCon
Varnish post-punk / CanCon / KWCon
Chlorine Ivy Gardens Goon Metal/CanCon
12 Million Bar Blues Metal/CanCon
Perks Basque Pain Without Hope Of Healing Scream Metal / CanCon / KWCon
Nausea Scream Metal / CanCon / KWCon
Ça plane pour moi The Housebound Homers (single) Pop
Ca Plane Pour Moi Stan et Pipou (single) Pop / French / Novelty

The Horizon Broadening Hour is hosted by Mophead and Bob Jonkman, produced by Richard Giles (Music Committee Coordinator), and sponsored by Radio Waterloo. HBH airs on CKMS-FM every Sunday from 10:00pm to Midnight.

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