The Hump Playlist July 16, 2014

KC Roberts and the Live Revolution – Drift Away (Toronto)
Joni NehRita – A Fine Time (KW/Guelph)
Cadence – Blues on Sunday (Toronto)
Ivana Santilli – Your Girl Tonight (Toronto)
Elsa Jayne – Golden (KW)
Richard Garvey – When we first met (KW)
Quiet in the Land – In the water, in the wine (KW)
The Namedroppers – Luddite (Toronto)
Stacey Y – Hey Sir (Toronto)
The Blackwood Two – Bittersweet (KW)
Amy Carson Hunter – Ashes to Sand
Betty Supple – This Specific Ancient Connection (Hamilton)
Will Currie and the Country French – Railroad (KW)