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Fight and Flourish Radio – Jesse Maranger Feature

Jesse Maranger is a folk singer-songwriter from Stratford/KW. He writes the most beautiful, heartfelt songs with rich poetic lyrics. Jesse’s new album So I Love You As You Are is a sweeping series of songs about growing up, family, and love.

I sat down with Jesse for our feature interview this week on Fight and Flourish Radio and talked about his musical choices and what inspires him. Be sure to see him perform live in Kitchener on Thursday Nov 27th with Elsa Jayne at Cafe Pyrus and buy his album on iTunes here

Link to Podcast on SoundCloud – Jesse Maranger Feature Interview
Songs from the interview. All original songs by Jesse Maranger.
1) Tall As Towers
2) Waves
3) Like A Song (album version)
4) Elephants
5) So I Love You As You Are
6) Skin and Bones


Fight and Flourish Radio – Quiet in the Land Feature Interview – Aug 3 2014

You know what’s really great? When your favourite musicians live in your city. Waterloo Region has so many incredible artists and Quiet in the Land, a guitar and fiddle folk duo, is one of my favourite bands in town.

Quiet in the Land is composed of Dan Root on voice, guitar and mandolin, and Laura Dyck on fiddle and voice. They have most recently released a 5 song EP called Songs to Set These Hills on Fire which you can enhance your life with greatly by buying on bandcamp at

Listen to the podcast of our interview where they perform live!
Fight and Flourish Radio Aug 3 2014 – Quiet in the Land Feature Interview

Original songs performed live in this podcast:
1) Georgia
2) In the water, in the wine
3) Oh to be sifted
4) Sunny Shores
5) Nothing more to living
6) Times that we bide

Fight and Flourish Radio airs every Wednesday from 12noon-1pm EST hosted by Janice Lee. Tune in to hear a feature interview with an artist / activist who is engaging with the community by fighting the tide against oppression and/or doing their part to make this world flourish.

The Hump – Richard Garvey Feature Interview – Sept 27 2014

Richard Garvey is a folk musician, community organizer and grassroots music promoter and presenter based in Kitchener. He does so many amazing things for the music scene in KW including sharing his original, soulful folk music. Check out the podcast of the interview I did with Richard where we talk about how music and community are connected, and some of Richard’s ongoing projects like At The Root Festival and Music Series.

I have known Richard Garvey for about 8 years and was able to sit down with him for The Hump radio show. Back in 2009-2010 we co-wrote and produced a musical together called “Rooted”. Good times.

Be sure to check out and buy Richard’s music online at

The Hump Sept 27 2014 – Richard Garvey Feature Interview

YouthCanSlam! – Fight and Flourish Radio (formerly The Hump) Aug 20 2014 Podcast

Hello hello!

This is Janice Lee, reporting back from YouthCanSlam in Ottawa, the national festival for young spoken word poets. I was there all week reppin KW, and I facilitated a Safer Spaces and Anti-Oppression in Slam workshop at the festival. Youth poets ages 14-22 from across Turtle Island came together to participate in workshops, see feature performers and compete in the Canadian National Youth Poetry Slam Championships. For this show I interviewed a handful of youth poets, as well as some organizers from the national spoken word scene. It’s quite a patchwork of short interviews. Be sure to check out the podcast below, on air we only heard up to track 10.

Fight and Flourish Radio – YouthCanSlam Feature Podcast Stream:
Part 1 | Part 2

Poems on this podcast:
1) Andre Fenton – “Biracial Superman” (Halifax)
2) Ikenna Onyegbula, YouthCanSlam Founder and Organizer, 2014 World Poetry Slam Champion –  “The Superior”
3) Eva Rodriguez – “Madame B” (Winnipeg)
4) Isaac Bond, Spoken Word Canada National Director – “Old Friend” (Saskatoon)
5) Alyssa Ginsburg, Toronto organizer – interview
6) Sea Legs – “Somewhere New” (Saskatoon)
7) Melissa Illing – “Jill” (Vancouver)
8) Andrew Warner – “Languages”, “School Poem” (Vancouver)
9) Mariah Dear – “Untitled” (Vancouver)
10) Scout – “Letter to my future child”, “Untitled” (Vancouver)
11) Sebastien Wen – “Cruelty” (Vancouver)
12) Sebastien Wen and Jess Tollestrop – “Welcome to the Cosmos” (Vancouver)

The Hump – Playlist Aug 6, 2014

1. Fish and Bird – Effigy (Toronto)
2. Sara Rose Hebert – Pessimist (KW)
3. Harlan Pepper – El Jandro (Hamilton)
4.  Jessica Stuart Few – Don’t Ya (Toronto)
5. Alysha Brilla – Lifted (KW)
6. Latka – Fake and Marvelous Exteriors (F.A.M.E.)
7. Zinta Avens Auzens – Prettiest Street, Bear Song (KW)
8. Tom Dusome – I wish I was an ice cream cone, Dedicated to the letter U (Hamilton)
9. Kate and Rich – Odessa Bulgar, Jazzbo (Nova Scotia)
10. Banjo and the Bellows – When the ice worms nest again (KW)
11. Amy Carson Hunter – The Tree Song (KW/Calgary)
12. Betty Supple – Holy Man’s Land
13. C-Command – Django Limehouse 1935 (Montreal/Vancouver)
14. Richard Garvey – Happy Go Lucky Go Fuck Yourself (KW)
15. Elsa Jayne – Golden (KW)
16. Jesse Maranger – So I Love You As You Are (KW)
17. Test Their Logik – Bee Healthy (Toronto)

The Hump Playlist – July 23, 2014

These are the songs I played today on The Hump radio show. Like I said, if you have posters of wicked female artists, I’d love to put them up in our studio. And local musicians (Waterloo region, Southern Ontario area) hook me up with your music!  Email me at

1. Quiet in the Land – Blue Mountain Night (KW)
2. Jesse Maranger – Like A Shout (KW)
3. Amy Carson Hunter – Call me the wind (Calgary/KW)
4. Alysha Brilla – Never gonna get me back (KW)
5. Joni Nehrita – The Bare Truth (Guelph/KW)
6. Ace of  Base – The Sign
7. Harlan Pepper – Great Lakes (Hamilton)
8. The Blackwood Two – I  got you (Victoria/KW)
9. Tegan and Sara – Closer (Calgary)
10. Elsa Jayne – Sailing to the moon (KW)
11. Richard Garvey – Goodbye (KW)

The Hump Playlist July 16, 2014

KC Roberts and the Live Revolution – Drift Away (Toronto)
Joni NehRita – A Fine Time (KW/Guelph)
Cadence – Blues on Sunday (Toronto)
Ivana Santilli – Your Girl Tonight (Toronto)
Elsa Jayne – Golden (KW)
Richard Garvey – When we first met (KW)
Quiet in the Land – In the water, in the wine (KW)
The Namedroppers – Luddite (Toronto)
Stacey Y – Hey Sir (Toronto)
The Blackwood Two – Bittersweet (KW)
Amy Carson Hunter – Ashes to Sand
Betty Supple – This Specific Ancient Connection (Hamilton)
Will Currie and the Country French – Railroad (KW)