Fight and Flourish Radio – Quiet in the Land Feature Interview – Aug 3 2014

You know what’s really great? When your favourite musicians live in your city. Waterloo Region has so many incredible artists and Quiet in the Land, a guitar and fiddle folk duo, is one of my favourite bands in town.

Quiet in the Land is composed of Dan Root on voice, guitar and mandolin, and Laura Dyck on fiddle and voice. They have most recently released a 5 song EP called Songs to Set These Hills on Fire which you can enhance your life with greatly by buying on bandcamp at

Listen to the podcast of our interview where they perform live!
Fight and Flourish Radio Aug 3 2014 – Quiet in the Land Feature Interview

Original songs performed live in this podcast:
1) Georgia
2) In the water, in the wine
3) Oh to be sifted
4) Sunny Shores
5) Nothing more to living
6) Times that we bide

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