The Hump Playlist – July 23, 2014

These are the songs I played today on The Hump radio show. Like I said, if you have posters of wicked female artists, I’d love to put them up in our studio. And local musicians (Waterloo region, Southern Ontario area) hook me up with your music!  Email me at

1. Quiet in the Land – Blue Mountain Night (KW)
2. Jesse Maranger – Like A Shout (KW)
3. Amy Carson Hunter – Call me the wind (Calgary/KW)
4. Alysha Brilla – Never gonna get me back (KW)
5. Joni Nehrita – The Bare Truth (Guelph/KW)
6. Ace of  Base – The Sign
7. Harlan Pepper – Great Lakes (Hamilton)
8. The Blackwood Two – I  got you (Victoria/KW)
9. Tegan and Sara – Closer (Calgary)
10. Elsa Jayne – Sailing to the moon (KW)
11. Richard Garvey – Goodbye (KW)