The Lost Indie City – Canada Day setlist July 1 2016

The Lost Indie City Set – Oh Canada

Biff Naked – Canadians

The Demics – New York City

The Diodes – Tired of Waking Up Tired

Spirit of The West – Home for a Rest

The Mahones – Drunk, and Lazy Bastard

Blue Peter – Video Verite

Pukka Orchestra – Cherry Beach Express

Chalk Circle – This Mourning

Pure – Anna is a Speedfreak

Sons of Freedom – You’re No Good

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet – Kids in the Hall Theme

King Apparatus – Mother Told You

Skaface – Sometimes

National Velvet – Sex Gorilla

Lowest of the Low – Just About the Only Blues

Change of Heart – Herstory

Art Bergmann – Bound for Vegas

Forgotten Rebels – The Punks are Alright

DOA – Royal Police

54-40 – One Gun

Grapes of Wrath – All The Things I Wasn’t

The Tragically Hip – Fiddlers Green

Rheostatics – Record Body Count

The Waltons – Colder Then You

The Pursuit of Happiness – Killed By Love

Me, Mom, & Morgentaler – Laura

Rhymes with Orange – Marvin

Tokyo Police Club – Tessellate

FM – Shapes of Things

New Pornographers – Your Hands Together

Our Lady Peace – Supersatellite