The Lost Indie City ” Oh Canada” set list April 1 2016

The Lost Indie City set list April 1 2016 – Oh Canada Part 2

Hanson Brothers – Hockey Game
BB Gabor – Soviet Jewellery
Econoline Crush – Blood in the River
Skinny Puppy – Pro-Test
Teenage Head – Picture my Face
SNFU – Broken Toy
Dayglow Abortions – Stupid Songs
Men Without Hats – I Got the Message
The Spoons – Arias & Symphonies
Images in Vogue – Lust for Life
Shuffle Demons – Hockey night in Canada
Payolas – China Boys
Sloan – 500up
Jerry Jerry & The Sons of Rhythm Orchestra – Runaway Lane
The Box – Say to Me
Cowboy Junkies – sun comes up its Tuesday morning
I Mother Earth – Levitate
Rainbow Butt Monkeys – Brat
Glueleg – Heroic Doses
Gruesomes- Leave My Kitten Alone
No Means No – Rags & Bones
13 Engines – Smoke & Ashes
Gandharvas – The Coffee Song
Rusty – Groovy Dead
Acid Test – Mr. Skin
Rheostatics – Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

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