Val Scheer’s Eclectic Garage for January 9th

  1. Somewhere Out There – Our Lady Peace (CanCon)
  2. God’s Problem Child – Willie Nelson ft. Leon Russell
  3. Long May You Run – Neil Young (CanCon)
  4. Nightshift – The Commodores
  5.  Piranah Pool – Blue Rodeo (CanCon)
  6. It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye (To Yesterday) – Boyz II Men
  7. Firelake – Bob Seger
  8. Legendary – Hetriani (CanCon)
  9. No Shelter – Rage Against the Machine
  10. Tripple Shot – The Gothsicles
  11. Make You a Believer – Sass Jordon (CanCon)
  12. Possession – Sarah McLachlan (CanCon)
  13. Keep a Lid On Things – Crash Test Dummies (CanCon)
  14. Someone Who’s Cool – The Odds (CanCon)

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