Grand River Indy Media School, Workshops 1-3 – Activist Media Skills, Interviewing for Radio, Editing Podcasts.

Through CKMS’s CFRC grant to create a news program – The Grand River Media Collective gets to run a multi-part workshop series that we haved called The Grand River Indy Media School.

On Sunday January 27th the Grand River Indy MediA School will have An Afternoon of Workshops:
1. Activist Media Skills (how to write a press release, how to give interviews, social media skills and alt media)
2. Interviewing for Radio/Podcasts
3. Editing Audio/Podcasts.

Location: SLC – Student Life Centre Room #2134 – Universtiy of Waterloo (

*snacks and beverages
*Bring a Laptop if you have one
*install audacity – or have other editing software for the editing workshop.

Grand River Media Collective ++

more info on the Grand River Media Collective is available at their website
or contact email dan at

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