Pete Oldridge of the Urban Monks on Coral FM

The Urban Monks

Pete  Oldridge of the Urban Monks has been a guest on Coral FM mat least three times. And the Beatles Numus concert radio advance was downloaded almost 2000 times. Iwas astounded.

He is a great musician and has worked with Numus on several projects. Here are a series of chats that we have done over the years.

Pete and Ciel have moved out West with Pete’s loevely daughter Sophie. We miss you. On the last segment of Peter and Coral FM,  Pete and Ceil (armed with her divine vintage mandolin!) played Urban Monks song Hook live and also premiered several new Monks CD Tracks! Pete also talks about  Numus Concert project called The Art of Bob Dylan: Blonde and Blonde and Beyond with Glenn Buhr’s Broken Songs Band.

Look for an Urban Monks new release coming soon – Coral FM.