Peter Padalino of Major Hoople’s Boarding House and Kevin Schmalz chat about Ignite the Night on Coral FM

Peter Padalino Major Hooples Boarding House

The three original founding members, Richard Howell (Rocky), Peter Padalino and Gail Selkirk have been
working in the music field honing their skills as musicians and performers for over 30 years. Their powerful and
extraordinary vocals are captivating. Audiences that loved their performances are welcoming them back with
standing ovations throughout their shows.
Major Hoople’s Boarding House also performed to sold-out audiences with the KW Symphony Orchestra and
Orchestra London.
Turn on your radio any day and you will hear their hit songs like “I’m Running After You”, “You Girl”, “Beautiful
Morning” and “Someone” on stations across the country.
Rocky, Peter and Gail – The original founding members of Major Hoople’s Boarding House along with their
star “boarders”, Ralph Hetke bass, synth, vocals and Ron Duke on drums and vocals, will have you coming
back for more!

This concert was in support of The Children’s Wish Foundation, and Clarky’s Kids. I am happy to say it sold out and LOTS of monies were raised. – Coral

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