AW@L Radio – 2012-01-15 – New Year but the World Still Collapses – Eco-Update

Turns out, even more canadian NGO’s are willing to suck on the industrial-colonial straw as, World University Service Canada (WUSC), World Vision Canada, and Plan Canada team up with mining Rio Tinto Alcan, Barrick Gold, and IAMGOLD, and CIDA to help destroy communities and Indigenous cultures around the world. We introduce a piece from the dominion (Foreign Aid to Mining Firms: CIDA teams up with NGOs to do development work at mine sites | The Dominion ) which exposes these travesties.

We also look at Harper’s gutting of environment canada in an effort to slow climate change, a comment from David Suzuki, and an urge from the UN on a meat free diet. A little more news and some good tunes (

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