Kelly Taylor who plays Ophelia in KWLT’s Ladies, Sigh No More on Coral FM

Ladies Sigh No More
Director: Tim Jackson
Author: Thomas Hischak

Lady Macbeth plays Monopoly with Juliet and shrewish Kate battles Cordelia at Trivial Pursuit. Ophelia cuts out paper flowers, and Desdemona sews handkerchiefs. Who is the mysterious man who seems to be so interested in the f…ate of these ladies? Is this an Elizabethan ladies club, or a literary loony bin?

Only Dr. Wells seems to know for sure as she tries to help some of Shakespeare’s heroines figure out their personal problems and bring closure to their theatrical lives. When Juliet is asked to reenact her tragic story, matters get out of hand and all of the ladies are caught up in the act.

Ladies Sigh No More was presented at KWLT with Kelly Taylor. Kelly is now in Toronto with Daisy Productions
Ladies Sigh No More was presented KWLT with Kelly Taylor

Kelly is now part of Daisy Productions in Toronto. To find out more check out Kelly’s Facebook page  or Buddies in Bad Times Theatre –

Kelly has  a show called Onesies  running Oct 23-25th at 7pm and a matinee on Oct 26th at 2pm. All shows at Buddies In Bad Times.