Jesse Webber and Jack Pender of The Crazy Diamonds on Coral FM

Jeese Webber and Jack Drysdale Pender have become regulars on Coral FM – and we like to have Wild and Crazy Excellent Musical Adventures from Ja ck and Jesse Unplugged to playing all of our fave songs.

Jesse Webber and Jack Drysdale Pender dropped by the Sound FM studio to play some Pink Floyd Unplugged.

The Crazy Diamonds are a sparkling nine piece ensemble who (in addition to their eclectic choice of funkadelic, sweet soul song renditions and original works) also do The Pink Floyd Songbook proud every single time they have ventured to The Dark Side.


The Crazy Diamonds
The Crazy Diamonds

Special Thanx to J and J for Super Big Fun on the show this week. 
Shine on Boyos! – Coral FM.        

And the Crazy Diamonds are playing Elements Friday Aug 22. Jack and Jesse will be here once again Aug 20 for another Excellent Adventure.  Here is the complete series of interviews with my pals Jack and Jeese.